Turnabout Tutoring Services

Turnabout Tutoring provides private tutoring and support services to meet the needs of home education learners and parents by:

As part of the enrolment with Turnabout Tutoring, learners need to be registered for a curriculum offered by a home-education institution. Assistance and guidance is provided in this process.
Tutors assist learners with formal tutor sessions in their respective subjects as well as guidance in the preparation for tests and examinations, mapping out of projects and assignments and assistance with portfolio work.
In addition, invigilation during tests and exams are provided as well as amanuensis for learners with approved concessions.
Assessment services such as marking of tasks, projects, tests and exams are offered as part of the Turnabout service offer.
Turnabout will also assist parents with the administration and capturing of marks on the on-line platform provided by the curriculum provider Impaq;

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Providing tutor support to home education learners